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Can I skip this stage of training?

If you can answer a confident YES to these questions, then you can skip this stage:

Have you been teaching with FiddleQuest for more than 2 years?

Do you know how to play all the songs of Levels 3-5?

Can you demonstrate all the skills in Levels 3-5?

Are you able to play the ukulele to each of the songs in these levels?

Have you led 6 or more jam sessions?

Have you hosted a workshop?

Have you led your students on a mini-adventure?

Have you led your students in busking?

Have you submitted a video for a teacher masterclass in each of these levels?

Each stage of the Training Path follows three steps



  • The melodies of Levels 3, 4, and 5.

  • How to accompany your students in these levels on the ukulele.

  • The skills in these levels, including major and blues scales, improvisation, comping and chopping, sight-reading, and ornamentation in different styles.


  • Learn how to find other musicians, the etiquette of different sessions, and how to make these sessions happen.

  • Discuss and identify the recreational settings you want to try -- such as, one other musician (e.g., a guitarist), playing with a small group of musicians, or an Old-Time session.


  • Learn the important concepts of each song in Levels 3, 4, and 5.

  • Learn strategies for teaching the fundamental skills.

  • Learn how to teach remote lessons over Zoom. Then get experience teaching remotely by teaching a class of the Homebound Fiddle Sessions.

  • Learn how to lead your students in a busking session. Know how to make a fun hour of music end with smiles at an ice cream shop.

  • Host a workshop for your students that you or a local musical 'expert' will teach.

  • Host regular (weekly or monthly) fiddle jams for students and friends that are stress-free and fun for everyone.

  • Take your students on a 'mini-adventure' – an experience that will help grow cohesion between your students without having to leave town.

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