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Can I skip this stage of training?

If you can answer a confident YES to these questions, then you can skip this stage:

Have you been teaching with FiddleQuest for more than 1 year?

Do you know all of the teacher and student parts of Level 1?

Do you know how to play the melodies of Level 2?

Do you know which techniques are important in Levels 1 and 2 and which ones you can relax about?

Are you able to play the ukulele to each of the songs in these levels?

Are you able to shoot and upload videos to FiddleQuest?

Have you submitted a video for a teacher masterclass?

Each stage of the Training Path follows three steps



  • The melodies of Levels 1 & 2.

  • The 3 chords used in these 2 levels to accompany your students on the ukulele.


  • Investigate the recreational music opportunities in your community.


  • Learn the available practice tools and resources for you and your students on FiddleQuest.

  • Learn how to set up your studio.

  • Learn how to shoot videos of your students for FQ.

  • Learn essential concepts for your students for Levels 1 & 2.

  • Complete the Music with Motivation Training Series.

  • Host a low-pressure, no-fail beginner jam with students and parents.

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