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Laurel is a music educator, professional musician, and music librarian in Los Angeles, CA. She has an MM in Violin Performance and a Clear California teaching credential from Cal State LA and has taught for over 20 years.

Laurel Diskin

Online Fiddle Teacher

Shanon is a violin, viola, and piano teacher with a BM in Violin Performance from Cal State Northridge, and has taught for over 15 years.

Shanon Garcia



The HMC (Happy Mistakes Club) starts out around Level 3 or 4 of FiddleQuest, and typically takes two sessions to get through a whole tune. 

Fast Folks

The Fast Folks usually hover around levels 6, 7, and 8 of FiddleQuest, and their learning pace is, well, faster. 

Which One?

You can choose any group you want! If you're a slower player who wants to live life in the fast lane, no problem. Just remember that you'll probably only get some of the tune.

Homebound Fiddle Sessions Logo

Homebound Fiddle Sessions

Fiddle students practicing on Zoom

When is it?

With only a few exceptions, we gather and fiddle every Saturday from 8 - 9 am, Pacific Standard Time.

The Practice Groups

Please feel free to reach out to our two instructors, the HMC's Laurel Diskin and the Fast Folks' Shanon Garcia

Any Other Questions?

The Teachers

Homebound is a virtual fiddle group that started in March 2020, and we're still going strong! We meet on Zoom and work with the FiddleQuest curriculum. For those who are new to FiddleQuest or still considering it, this is a great introduction to the tunes and learning by ear. 

What is it?

What is it like?

During a typical Homebound Session, we break out into two practice groups, and each group works on a tune suitable for their level. A few minutes before the end of the hour, we all meet up again to give anyone (who so desires) a chance to play.


Once a month, we have a Game Day, where we play “musical charades” and other games, and have a blast sharing memes, YouTube videos, etc. Additionally, we have regular “Supergroup” Workshops, where both groups stay together to work on unique fiddle skills ranging from blues improvisation to Canadian foot tapping. 

How do I join?

This program is structured the same way as FiddleQuest. By signing up, you subscribe to Homebound on a monthly basis for as long as you or your child wishes to be part of it. Signing up is easy, canceling is just as simple, and at $20 a month, each hour of group fiddling/instruction works out to 4 or 5 dollars. It's a great deal!      

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