This past March, when schools around the world shut down, FiddleQuest began the Homebound Fiddle Sessions.

What started as a temporary solution to dealing with the isolation and the loss of school routine quickly turned into a regular gathering of students from 6 - 80 years old, from Oregon to Poland. These on-line fiddle session for students and teachers are weekdays 11-11:30 am PDT. ​

The Learning Groups

Happy Mistakes Club This is a group for students who are in the beginning and early-intermediate stages of learning. Typically Level 5 and below.

Fast   This group is for fiddlers that are able to learn more complex tunes quickly. Level 6 and above fiddlers -- approximately.

You can choose any group! If you want to live in the fast lane and you are a slower player, no problem. Jump in the fast group. Just expect to get only some of the song. 


Participants will need to register for the class. Once you register, you will be able to return to subsequent classes without re-registering. 

The Teachers

Elias Alexander - Elias is a singer, multi-instrumentalist, and actor, and is one of a handful of musicians from the US on the forefront of creativity within contemporary Celtic music. He graduated from Middlebury College in 2013 with a BA in music.

Laurel Diskin - Laurel is a music educator, professional musician, and music librarian in Los Angeles, CA. She has an MM in Violin Performance and a Clear California teaching credential from Cal State LA and has taught for 20 years.

Ross DeBardelaben - Ross is a violin and viola teacher and performer and has a Doctor of Musical Arts from University of Miami and 15 years of teaching experience.

Alfonso Franco - Alfonso has been playing in the Galician folk scene since 1980s and teaches at the Traditional Music Conservatory of Vigo in Galicia, leads “Galician Fiddle” cultural association and also helps put on the “San Simón Fiddle Camp”.

Lena Jonsson - Lena Jonsson is one of Scandinavia’s most influential fiddlers. Her inspired style earned her a Swedish Grammy nomination for her premier album “Places” in 2019. Lena has recorded for FiddleQuest since 2018.

Ellery Klein - Ellery Klein is a performer and teacher of fiddle in the Boston, MA area. She holds an MA in Traditional Irish Music from the University of Limerick in Ireland. Ellery toured with Billboard-charting band Gaelic Storm from 2003-2007 and currently is a member of Irish trio Fódhla. She has been teaching using FiddleQuest since 2016. 

Mirabai Peart - Mirabai studied at the Australian Institute of Music, the Sydney Conservatorium and her further studies have taken her to India, Greece, Turkey and the USA. Mirabai's current projects include the duo with guitarist and composer Ryan Francesconi. Mirabai is a FiddleQuest teacher in Portland, Oregon.