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Homebound Fiddle Sessions

Homebound Fiddle Sessions


During our nationwide school shutdown, FiddleQuest is hosting free daily on-line fiddle session for students at 11-11:30 am PDT. We meet Monday-Friday.


There are 2 groups: Slow and Fast.

Slow: This is a group for students who are in the beginning and early-intermediate stages of learning. Typically Level 5 and below.

Fast: This group is for fiddlers that are able to learn more complex tunes quickly. Level 6 and above fiddlers -- approximately.

You can choose any group! If you want to live in the fast lane and you are a slower player, no problem. Jump in the fast group. Just expect to get only some of the song. 

To participate, students click "Join The Class" a little before 11am PST to register. All students are welcome.

Join the Class

Participants will need to register for the class each week. Once you register for that week, you will be able to return that meeting without re-registering. (Click on the class for which you want to register.)

May 25-30, Sessions with Ross Debardelaben

Coming Up

Week of May 25 -- Ross DeBardelaben


Ross DeBardelaben is a violin and viola teacher and performer and founder of Miami Virtuosi. Ross is a Doctor of Musical Arts in Viola Performance, University of Miami Frost School of Music. He has maintained a private violin and viola teaching studio in Miami since 2005. 

Ross's performance career ranges from work with the Miami Symphony, Nashville Symphony and Ray Charles Orchestra to tours with Amy Grant and Led Zeppelin.

Ross has been a FiddleQuest teacher since 2017.

Video Project

Students can choose to collaborate on a video together at the end of the week. 

You'll need to get the FiddleQuest Video Recorder app for your iPhone or Android phone -- it's free. (You'll need a FiddleQuest account to login.)

Have your child wear earbuds or headphones while they play. Take a video of them as they play along with the GO recording of the song on FiddleQuest. Select the song and then send it. Songs should be submitted within 1 week after the last class the song was taught. (i.e. Students have 1 week to practice the song and submit it after the week of working on it in the on-line classes.)

Songs in progress

Links for songs you can use to learn or for recording a videos:

videos due by 5/29