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From Solution to Program

In March 2020, when schools around the world shut down, FiddleQuest began the Homebound Fiddle Sessions.

Homebound Fiddle Sessions started as a temporary solution to the isolation and loss of school routine which made practicing between violin lessons difficult. However, the program quickly turned into a regular gathering of students from 6 - 80 years old, from Oregon to Poland. These online fiddle sessions for students and teachers were held daily for 18 months. 

Laurel is a music educator, professional musician, and music librarian in Los Angeles, CA. She has an MM in Violin Performance and a Clear California teaching credential from Cal State LA and has taught for 20 years.

Laurel Diskin

Online Fiddle Teacher

Ross is a violin and viola teacher and performer with a Doctor of Musical Arts from University of Miami and 15 years of teaching experience.

Ross DeBardelaben

Online Fiddle Teacher

Happy Mistakes Club

A group for students who are in the beginning and early-intermediate stages of learning.

Typically Level 5 and below

Fast Club

A group for fiddlers who are able to learn more complex tunes quickly.

Typically Level 6 and above.

Which One?

You can choose any group you want! If you're a slower player who wants to live life in the fast lane, no problem. Just remember that you'll probably only get some of the song.

The Groups

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Homebound Fiddle Sessions

The Teachers

After 18 uninterrupted months, Homebound Fiddle Sessions had its last daily class in June 2021. Teachers and students took a break over the summer but will return in Fall 2021.

Now that students are back in school, rather than having 5 short sessions during the week, there will be a single, hour-long session on Saturdays. 

The session will be 8 AM Pacific Time/11 AM Eastern Time/5 PM Poland time. 

These sessions will be recorded and made available immediately after the session is over, so students will have access to the lesson even if they have a conflict that week.  

There will be fun Homebound activities, including a virtual cook-out, a Round-Robin meme-off, a practice challenge (complete with practice chart), and plenty of games. 

What does it cost?

The Homebound program will be available for $20/month.


What is included?

Here's what you get for your Homebound membership:

  • An hour-long learning session every Saturday (includes a 10-minute Q&A at the end) with incredible teachers from all over the world

  • Access to the recording of a session immediately after that session ends

  • Invites to all extra-curricular Homebound activities

  • Your own reusable practice chart - with stickers - for the practice challenge 

  • A cool Homebound Fiddle Sessions T-Shirt

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