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Where can I find a FiddleQuest teacher in my area?


Find a Teacher

FiddleQuest is designed for students to work with a teacher. If you're a student or parent looking for one, shoot us an email at, and we’ll put you in touch with a FiddleQuest teacher.


FiddleQuest is the only curriculum that focuses entirely on giving
students the skills and experiences they need to become musicians who play throughout adulthood, not just excellent performers who stop playing once recitals and lessons have ended.

We believe in nurturing intrinsic motivation, promoting excellence without perfectionism, and, most importantly, helping students develop the skills and confidence to play in any recreational music setting.

That's why FiddleQuest students play and enjoy music for their whole lives.

Music for a Lifetime

FiddleQuest is built on the belief – borne out by observation and research – that having a strong ear is a determining factor in whether or not a student keeps playing. Having a strong ear means being able to hear music and respond precisely, whether that's simply repeating a melody, harmonizing, or improvising.

A strong ear isn't something you're born with – it's a skill to be developed. And our learning tools are specifically designed to help students learn how to break songs down phrase-by-phrase and loop difficult sections, with multi-speed recordings, backing tracks, harmony & improv practice, and more.

Having a strong ear is essential and empowering to a musician.  It allows you to easily pick up anything you hear, whether that's in a jam with others, or at home playing a song you just heard.

Learn by Ear


FiddleQuest is the only violin-fiddle curriculum that covers all the major violin-fiddle traditions and styles (and even some lesser-known ones too)! We expose students to bluegrass, old-time, Scandinavian, Irish, Scottish, blues, jazz, classical, and more. 

That way, students get to appreciate all the major traditions early on. This simultaneously keeps lessons exciting and allows students to dig deeply into a particular style they love most.

Play Anything

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