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The northern castle


Most passages in the story end with a choice your character must make. 

Will you follow the witch into her lair, or run for your life?

pixel art indicating game choices


Many decisions require a certain number of points to be successful. 

Points are earned by completing songs and skills on FiddleQuest. When the teacher checks off a new item at lessons, the student gets their points in game.

So, if you want to open that treasure chest, go see which scales you can learn next!

chart showing 3 types of game points

As you progress through the story, you will collect items you find in your travels, as well as buy them from the shop with gold coins you discover in-game. 

From magical instruments to potions to daggers, each item can aid you in your adventure.


adventure backpack
3 gold coins


As you accomplish greater and greater feats – whether it's escaping a dangerous witch or collecting a magical instrument – you work toward unlocking new badges which display on your FiddleQuest videos.

pixel art game badge

While the core of the game consists in making decisions to control the narrative, there are several unique twists. With points earned from completing songs & skills, an inventory of items, a collection of badges, and a store to buy gear (with in-game coins), The Northern Castle offers a variety of exciting features

The Northern Castle logo

Start Playing Today

The Northern Castle is free to anyone with a FiddleQuest account. 

Simply go to your practice page, select the menu button in the top left, and choose "The Northern Castle" from the menu

How to access the game from the practice page
FiddleQuest site menu

The Northern Castle is an interactive adventure game which provides additional incentive for students to practice skills they might otherwise be hesitant to learn between violin lessons. By completing skills like scales and sight-reading, students unlock points that allow them to progress through an exciting adventure where they control the actions of their character. So, instead of being told to practice their scales, students will proactively learn skills in the curriculum as they seek to complete their adventure.

Motivation Through Narrative

pixel art trees and river background of adventure game
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