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Can I skip this stage of training?

You can't skip this stage of training.

Each stage of the Training Path follows three steps



  • The melodies of Levels 9 & 10.

  • The skills, improvisation, comping, chopping, sight-reading, and ornamentation in these levels.


  • Participate in a community orchestra and a jazz ensemble. Your skills in improvisation and sight-reading will allow you to easily take part in both of these two musical settings. 

  • At this point in your training, you'll have experienced many different musical settings and styles. You'll have a very clear idea of the style that you want to focus on and devote time and energy to. This decision is based on a combination of factors, including the people, the music itself, and the setting that makes it feel right for you.


  • Learn the important concepts of each song in Levels 9 & 10. 

  • You'll experience running a 5-day-long day camp. You'll comfortably organize groups based on age and level and make these camps an opportunity for your high school students to develop mentoring and leadership experience.

  • You'll be planning ​your year ahead for a balance of easy adventures and epic adventures for your older students. 

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