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Build an awesome career teaching violin & fiddle

Here's how we do that


The 5 Stage Teacher Training Path

Gain the experience to take students from their first notes to truly advanced jams


Lively & Welcoming Community

Gain the support & solidarity of a community of teachers like you, including 1:1 meetings with experienced teachers.


Powerful & Intuitive Learning Tools

Assign the perfect homework with access to hundreds of songs & skills, sheet music, and so much more!

Why become a FiddleQuest teacher?


Become your own boss

FiddleQuest helps you build your studio, on your time-frame, for your career. With our 5-stage training path and wealth of resources, you gain the experience and confidence to build a freeing and meaningful career doing what you love.

Teaching with FiddleQuest means playing lively and authentic music from all the major violin & fiddle traditions, including bluegrass, old-time, scandinavian, Irish, Scottish, blues, jazz, classical, and more. 


Expand your musical horizons


Every single part of FiddleQuest is designed to create students who play and enjoy music for the rest of their lives. Helping your students achieve that goal is what it means to be a FiddleQuest teacher. So success for you means a lifetime of loving to play music for them.

Teach meaningfully



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