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Built from Top to Bottom to

Develop intrinsic motivation in students

An Overview


FiddleQuest is a curriculum that teaches the skills and music to keep students playing long after lessons end. 

Students learn a wide variety of styles of music -- from Celtic to Classical -- that they will draw upon for any setting they are in.


Students develop sight-reading, rhythm and improvisational skills that help them play in a wide variety of groups -- be it a bluegrass session or a school orchestra.

What is FiddleQuest

FiddleQuest is designed by teachers -- for teachers.

It makes lessons easier and more fun by providing all the tools teachers need at their fingertips. 

Teachers receive training to build an active community of students and families enjoying music together.

FiddleQuest is for teachers

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Parents want their children to learn music because they want them to have a skill they can enjoy as an adult -- whether it is playing with friends on the back porch or performing on stage for others.

And many parents want to enjoy playing music with their kids while they learn -- on the guitar, ukulele…anything! 

FiddleQuest help parents to engage musically with their children and develop a culture of playing music with family and friends.

FiddleQuest is for parents


Kids and adults love playing music with friends, learning new songs, playing for other people, being creative with other people .

Yet, most people that want to learn the violin end up quitting. Why?

The answer is that most students are not given the opportunity to develop intrinsic motivation.

FiddleQuest is built from top to bottom with the idea that students require intrinsic motivation to keep playing as an adult.

The big idea

Students learn over 120 songs by ear -- drawing from all the major fiddling traditions and popular classical pieces.

Students explore the key, chords and scales for each of the songs and develop the foundations and confidence for improvisation.

Students learn to accompany other musicians using different skills such as chopping, chords and rhythmic bowing techniques.

Students learn to sight-read by reading the harmony parts to each of the songs they learn. 

What students learn


Students can see and hear the songs and skills that their teacher has assigned them. They can work on their practice page as well as explore new material.

The value of FiddleQuest is not interesting graphics, but the ability to hear the music and break it down into the bite-size parts that students can learn. 

Most importantly, it helps students develop skills in a practice setting which are vital in a recreational musical setting.

How does it work

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Students want to have fun when they learn.


Whether they are 4, 14 or 24 yrs old, students want to learn enjoyable songs to play with friends and family.


They want to learn the necessary skills for playing confidently with friends. 

FiddleQuest provides fun songs and relevant skills for students of all ages.

FiddleQuest is for students


Get started with FiddleQuest today

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