Foundational Ideas of FiddleQuest

Boredom and hunger

My student, Kieran, and I were talking about boredom yesterday. When he is bored, he said, it is like being hungry.

I think that is a brilliant way of describing boredom. It is like staring in the pantry for something to eat and not seeing anything that we want.

Technology gives us countless ways to be entertained. Yet, we sometimes feel unsatisfied after consuming entertainment. It keeps the boredom at bay, but the boredom returns after the show ends.

Like chips in our pantry, entertainment is not the food that satisfies us best.

People are creative beings. We naturally want to make, write, build, create.

And we are social beings. We seek to be with other people. Sometimes just near them. Other times actively playing, talking, walking and creating with others.

As I get older, I am getting more skilled at handling my hunger and boredom.

When I’m hungry, I try to strike that perfect blend between salty, sweet, fatty and satisfying. Answer: Dave’s Killer Bread, toasted, with butter and then topped with almond butter.

When I’m bored, I grab my violin and play a tune. Which turns into 3 or 4 tunes. Which turns into working on the difficult piece I’ve been wanting to play.

But not always. Sometimes its chips and Netflix.

Having a choice for a satisfying option in life is a great gift we can provide for our kids.