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Ideas on Learning

#1 - The Fundamental Obstacle of Violin Students

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Everywhere you go, you can find people of all ages having fun playing the violin...

Kids and adults love playing music with friends, learning new songs, playing for other people, being creative with other people .

Yet, most people that want to learn the violin end up quitting.

In fact, out of 100 children that start the violin, only 1 or 2 will still be playing when they are an adult!

The question that teachers and parents wrestle with is WHY? When you ask kids why they quit, you’ll get many different answers...

“It wasn’t fun.”

“I hated the competition!”

“It was really difficult”

“I didn’t like the music I had to play.”

“I want to play sports.”

“My teacher was too strict.”

“I didn’t want to practice.”

“I wasn’t getting any better.”

“It was taking too long!”

“I was too busy”

Even though the answers sound really different, these reasons have one very important underlying cause...motivation.

Motivation is the desire or willingness to do something and it is the fundamental obstacle that violin students face.

(This is the first of a 6-part series. Stay tuned.)

-- Duane Whitcomb

FiddleQuest, founder


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