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Check out our workshops and sessions to make the most of everything FiddleQuest has to offer

Quickstart Weekend Workshop for Teachers

  • 5 hours of training over 2 days on zoom

  • In-depth look at online tools, songs and skills in Levels 1-3

  • Presentation and group discussion about goals and methods in teaching

  • Understanding the role of motivation in a student and what variables help and hinder the growth of motivation

  • Observation and discussion of lessons in Levels 1-3

  • Using FiddleQuest as a primary curriculum or supplementary material

  • Creating (post-covid) jams, camps, gigs, and other no-fail music activities

  • Participants receive a site license for 2 students ($300 value)

  • 1 hour follow up session (for questions after in-lesson experience)

  • Times for workshop are 11-2 PST (2-5 EST) on Saturday and 11-1 PST on Sunday.

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teaching fiddle outside in creek


Exploratory Session for Teachers

  • 1-hour site tour with FiddleQuest founder, Duane Whitcomb

  • Discover how FiddleQuest simplifies the teaching experience by keeping everything you need for each student in an individual profile

  • ​Learn how songs and skills are learned by ear with on-site recordings

  • Check out FiddleQuest's many features and resources, from online practice clubs to a skill-based adventure game

  • These sessions are 10-11am PST / 1-2 EST.

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fiddle teacher at a workshop on curriculum


Violin & Fiddle Parent Workshop

  • For parents of 5-10 yr olds studying the violin.

  • Create early music foundations for your child

  • Establish music as part of your child's (and family's) regular activities

  • Learn how to address the common conflicts of practice and learning with your child

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parent workshop for violin and fiddle students
  • Learn about how healthy motivation is developed in young children and how children respond to the wrong kinds of motivation.

  • Learn how even non-musical parents can play music with their children. Be prepared to learn a chord.

  • Workshops are 10am-12pm PST / 1-3 EST.


Music Workshop For Parents of 1-4 Year Olds

  • Create early music foundations for your child

  • Establish music as part of your child's (and family's) regular activities

  • Learn how to sing & play melodies that will prepare them for instrumental playing in later years

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Fiddle music workshop for parents of 1 to 4 year olds
  • Get an early start on creating an environment that cultivates healthy motivation.

  • Discover accessible skills and tools even non-musicians can employ to have fun and enrich your child's musical world.

  • Workshops are 10am-12pm PST / 1-3 EST.


Quickstart Weekend Workshop

Events For Teachers

Exploratory Session
Violin & Fiddle Workshop
Parents of 1-4 Yr olds Workshop



Events For Parents

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