Teacher Training workshops


The FiddleQuest curriculum is only as effective as the teacher. We want all of our teachers to learn from the years of teaching experience that we have accumulated. That is why we offer workshops to teachers all over the country. The workshops are adaptable to the experience level of the participants. Here is a basic template of what they look like.

The workshop will be a 2-day training for teachers interested in using FiddleQuest in their school and private studio classes. 

The workshop will be taught by Duane Whitcomb, founder of FiddleQuest. There will be a combination of lecture, group discussion, song learning and demonstration lessons that will give teachers the experience to try out the ideas and tools of FiddleQuest. 

Training Goals

  • Learn the beginner levels of FiddleQuest (1-4)

  • Learn how to use the FiddleQuest tools in your lessons.

  • Learn how you can create FiddleQuest practice pages for your students use at home.

  • Learn the best practices for teaching songs by ear.

  • Learn how to teach improvisation, sight-reading, chords and other skills for beginning to advanced players.

  • Learn ways to enhance your music community through jams and camps. 


Course Outline

Day 1 
Morning Session 

-Level 1 songs and skills.

-Demonstration lessons.

-Group discussions on goals, obstacles, solutions and best practices for success in Level 1.

Afternoon Session   

-Level 2 and 3 songs and skills.

-Demonstration lessons

-Group discussions on goals, obstacles, solutions and best practices.


-Dinner and jam session

Day 2
Morning Session 

-Parent and Teacher discussion “What skills do students need to keep playing after lessons end?”

Afternoon Session   

-Level 4 songs and skills.

-Demonstration lessons

-Group discussions on goals, obstacles, solutions and best practices.

-Accompaniment 101 for violinists. Backing your students up on the violin, guitar, ukulele and other instruments.

-Jams, camps and building community that supports your program.


I have only taught classical violin, can I attend?


Yes! FiddleQuest contains all the primary genres, including folk, bluegrass, celtic, scandanavian, jazz, blues and classical. You will discover your own playing expands as you explore these songs and skills with your students. The workshop will address the skills and technique differences between different styles and discuss how to strike a good balance in your own teaching style.

I stopped playing years ago, but would love to get back into the violin. How skilled do I have to be to teach?

FiddleQuest teachers need to have strong competency in the levels they wish to teach. This workshop will focus on teaching beginners through early-intermediate players. Some very successful “Beginner Level” FiddleQuest teachers started playing as adults. In other words, you don’t need to have been a child prodigy to teach!

I’m a parent interested in starting my child on violin. Can I attend?

Parents are welcome to attend and participate (no cost) in the morning session on Day 2. You are welcome to observe sessions (but not participate) at other times.

Are students welcome?

We will be having demonstration sessions involving beginner and early intermediate students. If you are interested in having your child participate, please contact us.


Meals: We'll be eating out for lunch on Friday and Saturday (a local, affordable choice). There will an optional dinner and jam on the first evening, also.



Duane Whitcomb is the co-founder of FiddleQuest. Duane has a foot in both the classical world and the folk world. His education was strictly classical but he began exploring other genres after college.


His teaching vocation started after a career in marketing and software.

He is the founder and principal instructor of Creekside Strings, a music education school in Ashland, Oregon. He has been teaching for 20 years and has built a strong fiddling community in Oregon. Parents appreciate his ability to weave together all styles of music into a child's education and build strong, intrinsic motivation for learning.

Learn more about Duane's teaching philosophy and pedagogy at duanewhitcomb.com.

Attend or Host a Workshop


FiddleQuest has teachers in the US, Canada and Europe. Not only is it fun to get other teachers in your area to learn and play music together, but training is necessary. FiddleQuest is almost certainly unlike the way you learned. It requires learning how to teach by ear, how to introduce concepts like improvisation and harmony, how to comp (accompany) on all the songs you'll teach and so much more.

It is a lot to learn. You won't get overnight. But you will get it. And, it is so much fun to teach (and play) this way. 

Let us hear from you and we'll let you know if there is a workshop coming up near you. If you want to host a workshop, you can earn a free site license for your studio for the year! Complete the form below and we'll contact you to let you know how to make it happen.

Yes, I'm interested in attending or hosting a FiddleQuest Training Workshop