Teacher Training workshops


Fiddle and violin teachers all share a similar goal: How do we motivate our students to learn and continue playing for the rest of their lives?

FiddleQuest sponsors Teacher Training Workshops to help teachers looking to engage and motivate students and give their students the skills they will need to help them reach their recreational, or professional, playing goals.

The Teacher Training Workshops all utilize FiddleQuest as a working tool, but the ideas and concepts that we discuss will be applicable for teachers that use other methods, too.

The workshop will be taught by Duane Whitcomb, founder of FiddleQuest. There will be a combination of group discussions, song learning and demonstration lessons that will give teachers the experience to try out new teaching ideas (as well as experiment with the tools of FiddleQuest.) 

Workshop Topics

Why children love to learn. Why they quit. How to keep them playing.

  • Exploring different types of motivation in learning.

  • Adjusting teaching styles for different age groups. 

  • Why do successful students quit playing as adults? 


The early stages of the violin

  • Successful violin immersion strategies for young children.

  • Balancing technique and motivation. 

  • Getting parents involved. 


Powerful ears and other musical necessities

  • The fundamentals of ear-learning. 

  • Ear-learning for classical and traditional music. 

  • The essential skills of versatile players: Improvisation, Harmony, Comping and Sight-Reading.


Enhancing your teaching community

  • Collaborating with other teachers. 

  • The 4 essential people you need in your learning community. 

  • Group lessons, private lessons, camps, jams, fiddle clubs and other ways to engage students.



I have only taught classical violin, can I attend?


Yes! The workshop is for teachers of both classical and fiddle traditions. The workshop will address the skills and technique differences between different styles and discuss how to strike a good balance in your own teaching style.

I stopped playing years ago, but would love to get back into the violin. How skilled do I have to be to teach?

This workshop will focus on teaching beginners through intermediate players. Some very successful “Beginner Level” FiddleQuest teachers started playing as adults. In other words, you don’t need to have been a child prodigy to teach!

I’m a parent interested in starting my child on violin. Can I attend?

Absolutely. ​The parent is the most important person in the learning environment of young violin students and your participation would be a welcome contribution.

Are students welcome?

We will be having demonstration sessions involving beginner and early intermediate students. If you are interested in having your child participate, please contact us.



Duane Whitcomb is the co-founder of FiddleQuest. Duane has a foot in both the classical world and the folk world. His education was strictly classical but he began exploring other genres after college.


His teaching vocation started after a career in marketing and software.

He is the founder and principal instructor of Creekside Strings, a music education school in Ashland, Oregon. He has been teaching for 20 years and has built a strong fiddling community in Oregon. Parents appreciate his ability to weave together all styles of music into a child's education and build strong, intrinsic motivation for learning.

Learn more about Duane and his thoughts on education here.

Attend a Workshop


FiddleQuest has teachers in the US, Canada and Europe. Not only is it fun to get other teachers in your area to learn and play music together, but training is necessary. FiddleQuest is almost certainly unlike the way you learned. It requires learning how to teach by ear, how to introduce concepts like improvisation and harmony, how to comp (accompany) on all the songs you'll teach and so much more.

FiddleQuest has cancelled all live workshops due to Covid-19, but we are running frequent webinars. Please fill out the form below if you would like to receive information on future webinars.

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