Want to learn to use FiddleQuest?

FiddleQuest is offering a series of short, daily learning courses over Zoom for teachers wishing to use FiddleQuest in their studio or school.​


FiddleQuest Teacher Training helps teachers engage and motivate students and give their students the skills they will need to help them reach their recreational, or professional, playing goals.


The workshops are taught by Duane Whitcomb, founder of FiddleQuest. There will be a combination of group discussions and demonstration lessons that will give teachers an opportunity to develop confidence with the tools of FiddleQuest.

An online training series

  • 10 online workshop sessions

  • 45 minute sessions


  • Songs and skills in Levels 1-4 of FiddleQuest (beginner levels)

  • Teaching priorities

  • Motivation

  • Technique & Theory

Answering questions like

  • How much should I focus on the bow hold?

  • When do I determine a song is done?

  • What should I do if a student is spending too long on a song?

On these days

  • Weekdays (for 2 weeks), 10:00-10:45 am PDT


  • $150

Free subscriptions for 2 students 

  • Upon completion, we will give you a site license for 2 students for the year ($300 value).

Registration limited

  • Space will be limited to 8 teachers per course.