FiddleQuest is a curriculum designed specifically for teachers and students in private studios and classroom settings seeking more fun and social interaction in their music. We deliver a large library of great, incrementally difficult songs in various styles from all over the world; comprehensive skill exercises in Scales, Improvisation, Sight Reading, Harmony, Chopping, and Vibrato; and community building motivational tools like student videos that are easily shot and uploaded by teachers each time a song is completed.

Easy to Use
FiddleQuest is extremely easy to use. By working closely with students and parents, we’ve refined our clean layouts to maximize efficiency, make features ever-more intuitive, and ensure that FiddleQuest is never intimidating for a student of any age. In fact, FiddleQuest is so easy to use, we didn’t even have a manual our first year!


Parent Guide

Kids are in lessons for a very small time each week. Making use of the time between lessons is what determines how much a child will learn during their lesson years. FiddleQuest is designed with typical families in mind. Typical families have circumstances that include: parents with busy schedules, kids with lots of activities, parents with no musical skills, and parents who do not want to force their kids to practice.

So, can kids learn to play music in these typical families? Without a doubt! FiddleQuest takes the joy of lessons and brings it home. Fun songs, great recordings, and videos make practice time engaging and effective.

Yet, even though FiddleQuest makes practicing and playing music more fun, kids can resist the effort that goes along with learning an instrument. Kids often see music lessons as a “discretionary” activity—something they know their parents want them to do because “you’ll appreciate it when you’re older.” Kids often feel they don’t need to put much effort into practicing or may even resist practicing altogether.

Parents who see their kids resist practicing begin to wonder if their children are ready for lessons or if their children have the right temperament to learn. They are ready, and they will learn.

Here are some basic tips to help make practicing more successful.