FiddleQuest Summer Sessions


This past March, when schools around the world shut down, FiddleQuest began the Homebound Fiddle Sessions.

Now with school out and people (carefully) venturing out, we are continuing these daily sessions as FiddleQuest Summer Sessions. These on-line fiddle session for students and teachers are weekdays 11-11:30 am PDT. 


There are 2 groups: Slow and Fast.

Happy Mistakes Club: This is a group for students who are in the beginning and early-intermediate stages of learning. Typically Level 5 and below.

Fast: This group is for fiddlers that are able to learn more complex tunes quickly. Level 6 and above fiddlers -- approximately.

You can choose any group! If you want to live in the fast lane and you are a slower player, no problem. Jump in the fast group. Just expect to get only some of the song. 

Join the Class

Participants will need to register for the class. Once you register, you will be able to return to subsequent classes without re-registering.