Remote Learning and teaching

For Students:

Homebound Fiddle Sessions

During our nationwide school shutdown, FiddleQuest is hosting a daily on-line fiddle session for students at 11-11:30 am PST. This is a free group lesson where new tunes are taught -- as well as harmony (with notation) and comping.

Everyday, students will be able to focus on learning new songs and connecting (virtually) with other fiddle students.


​To participate, students can go to this link a little before 11 to register. All students are welcome.

Tunes Learned To Date (and links for recordings)

3/16 - Edelweiss: FiddleQuest 

3/17 - Shenendoah: FiddleQuest

3/18 - The Piper's Weird: FiddleQuest

3/19 - The Boy's Lament for His Dragon: FiddleQuest 

3/20 - The Tooth Fairy Jig (A part): FiddleQuest

3/21 - The Tooth Fairy Jig (B part): FiddleQuest

3/22 - The Skye Boat Song: FiddleQuest

3/24 - Crested Hens: FiddleQuest

3/25 - Groddapolskan from Gotland: Youtube

3/26 - Spotted Pony: Youtube

3/27 - Ruada De Rebordelo: Youtube


For the next 2 weeks we are experimenting with a different format.

  • We are teaching a song throughout the whole week and giving students options to learn different parts by joining different breakout rooms.

  • Students can submit videos playing any, or all, parts of the song. They will be compiled and turned into a performance video. You can learn more about submitting your video here.

3/30 - The Boy's Lament for His Dragon

Teachers: Technical and Instructional Support

Teachers are having to quickly learn new skill for teaching. FiddleQuest can offer you support and training. If you have questions about teaching remotely, please reach out to us and we'll give you tips on what video conferencing software to use, how to conduct the lessons and how to make the best of your short lesson time with your students while on-line.

Mostly, we want to help teachers increase the value that you are able to offer to your students during (and after) our national health crisis.

Questions? email us at We'll get back right away. Promise.