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Motivation and the violin – Part 1

It would be hard to overstate the importance of motivation in learning the violin.

Because learning the violin is a discretionary activity, without the effort and motivation of the child, the task is nearly impossible.

Most parents will provide support for learning music (when available and affordable) providing that their child has enough motivation.

The area that motivation reveals itself is a child’s willingness to practice. The basic arrangement is that, if a child is taking private lessons, then they will practice between lessons.

The biggest fear for parents getting ready to start their child in music is managing practice. No parent relishes the idea of having to make their child practice. For most parents, the monetary expense of violin lessons is plenty cost enough without having to spend ‘parenting capital’ on their child to get them to practice.

Yet, even the most motivated of violin students will lose energy too soon.

Learning the nature of motivation and how to manage it is an unintended benefit of learning violin.

In that spirit, I’d like to spend the next few days discussing motivation and how to cultivate it.