The Path

Learning to play the violin is a long journey. The path needs to be sustainable for more than a few weeks or months. And it needs to have opportunities for nourishment, fun and rest.


Having a destination in mind makes choosing a path easier. The path to a becoming a performing violinist starts young and is rigorous.  The path towards a life of recreational music can start at any age and is as gentle or rigorous as the parents, teacher and student wants.  

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Ultimately, the motivation of a student will determine if they will make to make it to their destination -- whether that goal is to be a performance violinist or a recreational violinist.

How do parents and teachers motivate their students? How do we encourage them to want what we want for them? How do we keep them going when their energy begins to dip? How much discipline or will power is required? Answers to these and other questions are addressed in Music with Motivation.

Music with Motivation is an approach to education that combines motivation and behavior research with the unique demands of learning the violin.

Sometimes the best way to figure out what path to take is to hear what others have done. 

Conversations on Learning is a project that allows students, parents and teachers to answer questions, tell stories, give advice and reflect on the experience of learning the violin.

Parents will be particularly interested in what other parents say as they reflect on how they navigated the path of music education.

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