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Fiddle Fitness Survey

Ear strength

Key #1

Key #2

Key #3

Changing Keys

Accompany a singer

Reading sheet music

Playing rhythm





Test details

  1. The test does not work on mobile. Please use a computer.

  2. The test is only for violin and fiddle players.

  3. There are no age restrictions.

  4. Have a speaker or earbuds that you can use so you can hear the audio well.

  5. There is no grade associated with this test. It is an assessment that takes a snapshot of your skills and your perceptions of your playing. No need to be competitive. 

  6. There are a number of skills you may not have ever used. That is what we are trying to find out. 

  7. Submit only one survey per player.

  8. Participants will receive an analysis of results after we collect enough responses for our data sample.

  9. Please share this survey with other violinists & fiddlers. The more data we have, the more we all learn.

Listen to these recordings as many times as you wish.

Only play these 3 recordings just once through.

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