Becoming a violinist takes years. 

FiddleQuest makes it a rewarding journey.

The Destination

FiddleQuest is designed for parents and teachers who, above all, want their students to play confidently and joyfully with others after lessons have finished. 

The Path

The FiddleQuest path is built on the idea that students must be intrinsically motivated in order to continue playing and enjoying music after lessons have finished. 

The Curriculum

The FiddleQuest Curriculum is a playground where students make mistakes, build muscles and learn music in a way that approximates how they’ll play when lessons are done.

Most violin students quit playing by the time they are an adult. Not because of talent, discipline or even the style of music. It is motivation. FiddleQuest helps solve this problem.

The Students

FiddleQuest students are just like students everywhere. They have varying levels of interest, time and parental support.  But interesting things happen when students have fun, explore and play music with friends and family.  

The Teachers

FiddleQuest teachers come from a wide range of musical backgrounds, styles of music and experience levels. All were looking for a method to teach their students to become complete musicians. 

Violin students succeed because of 3 people working together: the parent, the teacher and the community. FiddleQuest is designed with these people in mind.





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Success is having the skills, confidence and desire to play music long after lessons have ended.