Long ago, an evil bard stole your village's tunes for himself. His magic was powerful; every tune he learned and wrote down on his magic sheet would escape the memories of the townsfolk and could never be played again.


Having amassed a collection of the best skills and songs, he packed his bags and fled far north to a dark tower where he keeps them in his archives, hoarding them in that faraway land.


The time has come to confront him. As the most promising young musician in the village, you have been chosen to reclaim the tunes.

The path to his tower is long and difficult, and you’ll meet many challenges along the way. Sometimes you’ll need special gear, but ultimately it’s your skill on the fiddle that will allow you to overcome each challenge.


Thanks to the Dark Bard, the land is starved for tunes, so simply sharing a skill or song may go much further than you expect in making new allies or winning over enemies.

To carry out your mission you will need three kinds of points: Song Points, gained every time you learn a new song; Skill Points, gained every time you complete a new skill; and People Points, which can be gained in a variety of ways such as attending jams, posting community videos, and so forth.

No one knows exactly what it will take to defeat the Bard, but it requires a highly accomplished fiddler to do so. You have already learned many of the basics, but on your journey you will become more and more skilled – and, with luck, you just might be able to win.

The first danger you must pass through on your journey north is Grimroot Forest. It’s renowned for being filled with goblins, witches, spirits, and other monsters told of by the few that have passed through it.


All we can give you is a backpack with some basic supplies, a map, and your most important tool: your trusty fiddle.

Take a look at your Backpack, where any new items you collect will be stored.


You can also check out the Shop, where you can buy and sell items on your adventure.

Now, there’s no time to be wasted! Set off for the forest!

Fiddle students love to learn songs. There is a natural drive and immediate payoff for learning a song. But skills like sight-reading and scales can feel irrelevant and uninspiring.

FiddleQuest is piloting a new game in the Fall of 2020 that is designed to make learning skills more interesting and fun. 


The game is a ‘choose-your-adventure’ style of game. It is driven by a story line that requires students to make choices and spend points they earn through learning songs, skills and other musical activities.

We're thinking that students will be more inclined to learn a scale or sight-reading exercise if it allows them to unlock the door to a cave with possible treasure! 

Here is the how the story begins. We're excited to get students playing very soon!