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FiddleQuest Adventures
Ireland Summer 2022


FiddleQuest is leading a trip to Ireland in Summer 2022. Teachers, students and families will spend a week learning traditional Irish music and exploring the countryside of western Ireland.


July 18-25, 2022


We'll be in Dingle for 4 days from July 18-22.

Dingle is in County Mayo on the Dingle Peninsula. It is an area of Ireland that is known for it's scenic beauty and outdoor activities -- from hill walking to surfing.

On July 22, we'll travel to to Doolin, a couple hours north on the coast, for 3 days.  Like Dingle, Doolin is a coastal town with dramatic coastal scenery, including proximity to the Cliffs of Moher.

The Accommodations

We'll be staying in youth hostels throughout the trip. The youth hostels of Ireland are very nice and offer the best opportunity for gathering as a group and meeting other travelers. 

The hostel in Dingle is The Rainbow Hostel.

The hostel in Doolin is, wait for it....The Rainbow Hostel -- no affiliation. Just the same name.


The Food

Since our hostels have full kitchens, we'll be preparing many of our meals and eating as a group. FiddleQuest will arrange for someone to manage the food preparations, but everyone will be asked to participate in some form or fashion.

What will our days look like?

The Mornings  There will be fiddle classes in the morning taught by local Irish fiddlers. Ireland has many styles of music. The sound of the fiddle is different from county to county. These classes are a unique opportunity to do intensive learning of the sound of the music in these 2 distinct Irish counties -- County Mayo and County Clare.

The Afternoons  The afternoons will be spent exploring the countryside. We'll have local guides (fiddlers, hopefully!) that will take us to their favorite spots. We'll bring our fiddles everywhere we go. I want to to have jams in castles, stone circles, hilltops, vistas, beaches, street corners...everywhere.

The Evenings  Session music in pubs is an important part of the social scene in Ireland. We'll be joining in these pub sessions with our new tunes and some of our FiddleQuest favorites.


Everyone will arrange their own flights to Ireland and transportation around. If you prefer to not rent a car or drive, there are good public transportation options and we can help coordinate ride-sharing. 

Unaccompanied Minors

13 and older fiddlers are welcome to participate without a parent or guardian. We will provide services for these accompanied minors, such as transportation to and from the airport and supervision during the week.

The Cost

$1100 per person. Includes music instruction, accommodations, meals and activities.

$1350 per person for unaccompanied minors. 

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