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Designed for teachers who want their students to play music socially and confidently, FiddleQuest prepares students to be comfortable in many environments, whether on the stage, at a jam, or simply with friends & family. Learn more about how FiddleQuest enables students to play socially by developing strong ears.

With Others, With Confidence


FiddleQuest promotes excellence without perfectionism, creating a culture where students can make mistakes, have fun, and develop musical proficiency. 

Culture of Growth


FiddleQuest students play for a lifetime, and that longevity can only be achieved through genuine, intrinsic motivation. Nurturing that motivation means emphasizing different skills and experiences for different age groups. Learn more about our philosophy in our video series, Music With Motivation.

Intrinsic Motivation


We believe that connection with others is the primary motivation for playing music. It's a value at the foundation of FiddleQuest, and you'll see it in our curriculum and students.



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On Learning

FiddleQuest is designed for students to work with a teacher. If you're a student in need of a teacher, let us know, and we’ll put you in touch with a FiddleQuest teacher.

Are you a teacher who wants to get the most out of FiddleQuest? Check out our many resources to learn how to make the best use of everything FiddleQuest has to offer.

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FiddleQuest creates students with the motivation to enjoy and play music their whole lives 

Fiddle Fitness

A test to measure how well you are able to play with others

Daily group sessions with teachers and students from around the world

Homebound fiddle sessions

The northern castle

An interactive narrative game

in which the student uses

points from practice videos

to progress through an

epic adventure


In addition to its robust core curriculum, FiddleQuest offers an ever-growing wealth of resources for students, teachers, and parents
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Quickstart Weekend Workshop

Learn about our online tools, teaching philosophy, how to create no-fail music events, and much more

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