What is FiddleQuest?

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Foundational Ideas

FiddleQuest supports a culture where students can make mistakes, have fun and develop proficiency.
FiddleQuest is designed for teachers who want students to play confidently and socially with other musicians.
FiddleQuest believes students must be intrinsically motivated in order to play music for more than a few years.
Connection with others is the primary motivation for playing music and is the foundation of FiddleQuest.

Teachers    free

Students    $12.50/mo. with the annual plan. Not sure it's right for you? Try it for $5 for the first month and cancel anytime.

Site Licenses  Discounts for schools and studios are available through a purchase of a site license.


Get Started

If you are a teacher and want to learn how to get the most out of FiddleQuest, be sure to sign up for a training session.


FiddleQuest is designed for students to work with a teacher. If you are a student in need of a teacher, let us know and we’ll put you in touch with a FiddleQuest teacher.

FiddleQuest is easy to use. You can get started right away.

Learn More

The fastest way to learn about FiddleQuest is by talking with a FiddleQuest teacher.

If you want to get a tour of the site and learn about the pedagogy of FiddleQuest, you can sign up for a workshop here.

More Resources for Students

A test to measure how well you are able to play with others.

A game for students that utilizes music skills to travel through an epic adventure.

Daily group sessions with teachers and students from around the world.